Sick of trying fad diets, and then unfairly blaming yourself when they don’t work out?

My 8-week weight loss programme has been designed to help you lose weight in a sustainable way.

My weight loss programme provides more of a sustainable lifestyle change than a fad diet which let’s face it, rarely ever works long term. Unless it impacts your health, I don’t think it’s healthy to overly restrict or ban certain food groups, the key is to add goodness and colour to your plate and help you to enjoy/feel full when you eat your meals whilst reaching a healthy weight.

Along with weight loss, the focus is to bring back vitality to help you bring energy to all areas of your life. We will look into other aspects of your health in order to create a personalised weight loss plan.

   60 Minute Initial Consultation

   A personalised weight loss plan – Nutrition guidelines, Recipes, lifestyle

   Weekly check in emails to provide structure, motivation, answer any questions and support

   30 minute video call/telephone session on week 4 to keep you on track