What to expect

A personalised nutrition consultation with a nutritionist is a great way to have a full body health MOT. Sessions are bespoke and interactive, with a focus on the client and their needs. It is a collaborative effort, to provide a plan of action that works uniquely for you. Take a look at our pricing plans, please get in touch for individual session pricing.

If you feel ready to take your health into your own hands but need a little support to help get you there, please take a look at how the consultation process works below. Any questions at all please do contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Information Gathering

Information gathering

You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire prior to your consultation, so that we can gain as much information to help direct our session productively. We can further personalise nutrition advice provided if the relevant information is collected prior

Medical history will be collected as well as your symptoms, aims and particular areas of your health on which you wish to focus on



Our initial consultation will last 60 minutes in which we will take an in depth look at your health. A plan will be created and an optional video/call session or an email detailing your plan will be sent to you

Further follow up sessions will be scheduled in order to track progress and to make any adjustments (should we need to). Life happens and any lifestyle changes which affect your health can be discussed and updated advice provided

Functional/Laboratory Testing

Lab testing

It may be beneficial to suggest you take a test in order to help rule out or confirm a suspected health concern or imbalance in the body. Although not compulsory, it’s a great way to make our plan of action more specific and is more likely to get you quicker results!

Costs for tests aren’t included in the plan and are carried out by you in the comfort of your own home


We understand that some topics of discussion throughout our sessions are delicate however, careful considerations and measurements are taken to provide the upmost diligence to ensure client confidentiality