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My passion is to empower you to take control of your health, to become a happier, healthier version of yourself through personalised nutrition.

I know the feeling of being deeply insecure about the way I looked. For over a decade, I dealt with crippling anxiety over my skin and gut health, and I let it rob me of countless joys and experiences. I felt hopeless many times, and it was not until I saw a nutritionist myself that I saw and most importantly felt incredible changes.

I’ve turned my personal struggles into my life’s focus to help others.

As a registered nutritionist, I believe it’s important to look at your health from all angles. Skin and health concerns are multifaceted and targeting them in isolation simply doesn’t get to the root cause…it places a Band-Aid over the issue. I work closely with clients to work out the how’s and why’s to create a plan of action.

My programmes are entirely personalised and always with you in mind.

I trained at the college of Naturopathic Medicine (dipCNM Nutrition) and Leeds Beckett University (MSc) in which I received a first class honours.

I’m an accredited member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (mBANT) & Association for Nutrition (AfN).

Please feel free to get in touch today to find out more, I’d love to hear from you!

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Working With Me FAQs

What health topics can a nutritionist cover?

Although awareness in recent years is building, many people think that a nutritionist just covers weight loss. However, if you opt to work with a functional nutritionist, we can cover a wide range of health concerns including:

Hormones, gut health, immune function, skin health, nervous system function, blood sugar regulation, medical history, allergies and intolerances and relationship with food.

Although a nutritional plan is a big step to boosting health, good health is all encompassing and genuine long-term improvements mean that sleep, stress and general lifestyle needs to be addressed.

No matter what health concern you may approach me for, I ensure to cover all the above topics.

Will I be put on a very restrictive diet with a nutritionist?

After years of incredibly restrictive eating to try to tackle gut health and acne, I know first hand that restrictive diets don’t work and to be frank, they make you utterly miserable.

If you take a look at my Instagram page, I am a big foodie and I absolutely practice what I preach. I aim to help unpick those restrictive ideas around food to give you food freedom whilst making healthy choices.

One of my main considerations when working with any client is to aim to keep the diet as inclusive as possible whilst tackling the health concern in question. Depending on what arises during our initial consultation, unless I believe a certain food poses a potential threat to your health progress, I will encourage you to eat a wide range of foods and to keep a healthy balance and treat in your plan.

The aim is a sustainable lifestyle change which you feel happy to continue with long after the plan.

Can you see a nutritionist on the NHS?

Currently you can’t. I do hope that changes for the future however you can only see a dietician on the NHS.

What is personalised nutrition?

Personalised nutrition is taking your own genetics, age, gender, medical history, lifestyle, personal preferences into account when creating a nutritional plan of action.

We are all individual and our lifestyle experiences shape and change us, meaning that you need a plan that fits around your dietary preferences, any symptoms you’re experiencing, fits around your busy lifestyle and gets you excited!

Is accreditation important when hiring a nutritionist?


Putting your health in the hands of an accredited health professional gives you the piece of mind to know that they have had the appropriate and relevant training.

Although I don’t believe accreditation alone makes for a good practitioner, I believe for safety and efficacy purposes to seek the help of a registered accredited nutritionist/nutritional therapist.

How can a nutritionist help support my acne and other skin concerns?

Oh, where to begin. Approaching your acne from a comprehensive ‘inside out’ approach will provide a long-term solution for acne and other inflammatory concerns.

Although acne very much presents itself externally, it is a sign of imbalance within the body. Creams, pills and potions only work towards helping to soothe the blemish once it’s reached the outer layer of the epidermis. We want to work from the inside out so that acne doesn’t present itself in the first place.

What are the typical ‘root causes’ of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions?

Typically, I find the main causes are:

  • Poor liver function from years of medication/antibiotic use
  • Sub-optimal gut function
  • Genetics can make you susceptible, but lifestyle can keep it at bay
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • A highly processed/high sugar diet and for some, dairy can be a big trigger

Can a nutritionist help with weight loss?

We sure can. The beauty of working with a nutritionist for weight loss is the functional approach that is taken. So, we can look at the psychological drivers behind food, your metabolic health, your digestion, sleep, stress, lifestyle which can all affect weight loss.

I tackle weight loss also from a physiological angle to help with appetite and cravings. If there’s one thing I know, is that weight loss is anything but sheer ‘willpower’ alone.

How important is the gut when addressing general health?

The gut is central to all health (in my opinion).

Studies have shown that gut health affects cognitive function, nervous system health, sleep, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular risk, hormone imbalances, the list goes on!

Improving your gut function is a sure-fire way to increase your health and wellbeing for a long vibrant and happy life.

What diet is the best diet to eat to be healthy?

There is no ‘set’ diet. They simply don’t work and let’s face it; life is too short! 🙂

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